Fountain of Water

Fountain of water is the water of life which is Jesus Christ (John 4:14) But whoever drinks the water that I give him will never be thirsty again. But the water that I give him will become in him a spring of water [satisfying his thirst for God] welling up [continually flowing, bubbling within him] to eternal life.”

Beloved in Christ, you’ve probably seen a fountain before, perhaps in a city park, or at a splash pad, or by a monument. Such fountains are almost always on, day and night, year-round. Seeing those humble fountains can remind us of Lord’s Day 50, which teaches us how our heavenly Father is so faithful in providing for his children. So we must daily redirect our eyes to the Lord. Seeing God’s majesty has a way of pulling our eyes away from the stuff of earth. We come to see how great the LORD is, and how small our troubles are. Seeing more and more that God is glorious, we learn to bend our knees before him in worship and prayer, and trust.

Also when we pray daily, we can do so with our eyes fully on him. We pray to God who has become our Father in Jesus Christ, the God who is “the only fountain of all good.” This is our theme for God’s Word based on the fourth petition,

Come to God, the overflowing fountain of water!

  1. He is a fountain
  2. He is overflowing
  3. He is the only source of all good            

Whatever be the challenges in your life, are you experiencing wilderness of dryness, lack of good health, setbacks, rising and falling, relationship, marriage, and career dryness? Jesus said I AM THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE, COME DRINK AND TEXT NO MORE. Without Jesus Christ in one’s life, He/She experiences dryness of any kind.

Lord, I believe you want the best for me that’s why you sent your son Jesus to die for me. Today, I ask that you fill me so that I may never thirst again, cleanse me by the blood and make me yours. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Have a blessed and Holy Spirit-filled week ahead in Jesus’ name.


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