Happy Palm Sunday

Hosanna In The Highest.

Happy Palm Sunday, everyone! Happy Palm Sunday! Hope your weekend has been full of blessings. Wishing you all the best this Palm Sunday and in the days ahead.

Palm Sunday recalls an event in the Christian Scripture (The New Testament) of Jesus entering into Jerusalem and being greeted by the people waving palm branches. For Christians, it is a reminder of the welcoming of Jesus into our hearts and of our willingness to follow him. Also, Palm branches were regarded as tokens of joy and triumph and were customarily used on festive occasions (Leviticus 23:40, Nehemiah 8:15). Kings and conquerors were welcomed with palm branches being strewn before them and waved in the air.

As we joyfully celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ into our lives, homes, families, and Nations today, May the peace and all that comes with this event be our portion in Jesus’ name. Remain blessed. Jesus loves you and so do we.

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Have a blessed and Holy Spirit-filled week ahead in Jesus’ name!

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