How to know your own Personal Angel

Join us this Sunday as we teach on Theme: How to know your own Personal Angel and Topic: How to activate your Guiding Angel to be always activated. We will reveal the ministries of this Angels, and how you can engage them and have more relationship and communication. Because every individual has his or her own personal Guiding Angel and it is our duty and responsibility as a church to teach you how you can know this Angels.

Do you want to know your own personal Angel? If your answer is yes, please know that you first have to be born again and know more of Christ. To be born again, kindly say this prayer in faith:

Lord, I believe you want the best for me that’s why you sent your son Jesus to die for my sins. Today, I ask that you forgive me, cleanse me by the blood, and make me yours. In Jesus name. Amen.

If you said that prayer, you are now a Born Again and a Child of God. We encourage you to contact us, let us know who you are and consider joining our Church. For any life challenges that you may have questions on, please visit to book an appointment for a 15-minute discovery call. You can also visit our group leading company, for great products which have been prepared according to the instructions of God concerning the herbs and plants around us. These products help boost your immune system and will surely make you testify that the healing power of God still exists.

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Have a blessed and Holy Spirit-filled week ahead in Jesus name!

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