The Manifestation of the Holy Spirit in a Believer Part Two

The Manifestation of the Holy Spirit in a Believer – Part 2

The BIBLE stands for “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” and it instructs us on how to live in this life. God is the master originator of our existence upon this earth, and He couldn’t create it until the Holy Spirit hovered upon the face of the deep (Genesis 1:1). When God commanded light, it came to be instantly because the Holy Spirit was already in action. It is therefore important for anyone who wants to live well on earth to understand the person of the Holy Spirit. He is the power of the Trinity. He conceived Jesus and made Him successful during the thirty-three and half years He spent on earth. He also raised Him from the dead after three days.

Anyone who is privileged to be born again knows that a successful Christian life isn’t measured by position or popularity but rather by God’s purpose for one’s life. God had a plan for each creation before their conception and our duty is to discover this plan and step into it. That’s why He also gave the fivefold ministry to the Church (Ephesians 4:11), for the edification of the body and to avoid doctrines and principles that have no roots in the Holy Spirit.

United Nations Pentecostal Church is sharing this message about God’s original plan for each creation as seen in 3 John 1:2. That purpose is for us to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers. This is what brought about the vision and mission of this great ministry. God has unleashed by the power of the Holy Spirit on His servants, the Senior Pastors of this Ministry, Pastor Daniel and his wife, Prophetess Patience Omarejeje to express this knowledge. This knowledge is for health issues and to yield to the Holy Spirit to make the best decisions.

God has principles, laws, and patterns regarding good health, and no one is exempted from them. For example, the law of gravity is set in motion when someone jumps from a high building, and the consequence of breaking that law will always be felt. Every promise of God has a condition (Exodus 23:27) and it is very critical for us to return to the person of the Holy Spirit to discover them. If you are looking for solutions in your career, health, or relationships, there are Ministries that God, by the Holy Spirit, has given ancient secrets to help you. Your part is to discover such Ministries. That is why this platform is being used to address such matters.

As you connect to this Ministry, God through His servants will be sharing testimonies, recipes, health tips, success tips and wealth creation secrets with you. The creator of Heaven and Earth wants you to enjoy life to the fullest, but obedience to His bidding is important to become a wholesome you.

Since He is the one who created us, He has things that He has given to us to nourish our bodies. These are foods classified as edible and we need to focus on them. In Proverbs 23:1-3, God commanded us to observe whatever it is we are eating and to also control our appetites. Also, we see in Exodus 15:25-26, that God showed Moses a tree to cure the bitterness of the water for the Israelites. And just as He gave these secrets to Moses, He has revealed certain secrets to His servant. As you continue to join us on our website and in our Church, we look forward to sharing more of these revelations that the Holy Spirit has downloaded to us. We believe that as you study and digest them, the Spirit of the Lord will guide you on the best way to become the best version of yourself. God bless you!

In addition to the Ministry of the Word through our Church, Pastor Daniel and Patience Omarejedje also run Africa Angel Inc, a natural health store and Peggy Angel Holistic Consults, a health and wholeness consultation firm. These businesses, combined with our Ministry provide an effective three-pronged approach to the issue of health and wholeness for the body of Christ. We encourage you to visit these websites today.

Do you desire to experience the healing power of the Spirit in your life but are not born again? If so, we encourage you to say this simple prayer in faith:

Lord, I believe you want the best for me that’s why you sent your son Jesus to die for my sins. Today, I ask that you forgive me, cleanse me by the blood and make me yours. In Jesus name. Amen.

If you said that prayer, you are now Born Again and a Child of God. We encourage you to contact us, let us know who you are and consider joining our Church.

Also, if you have been blessed by this message, we encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list using the subscription pop-up on our website. It is free and you can unsubscribe at any time. In addition, you can submit your prayer requests, testimonies, give to the work of God’s Kingdom through this Ministry or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube using the respective links.

Have a blessed and Holy Spirit filled week ahead in Jesus name.

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