The Power of Unprecedented Favor

The Power of Unprecedented Favor

The Force that Will Take You Where You Can’t Go on Your Own.

When you recognize you have God’s favor and declare it over your life, doors will open that you couldn’t open and obstacles that look permanent will be subdued/conquered. “THIS TEACHING TOMORROW ” shows you how to tap into this favor so you can become all you were created to be.

There was a man called “Levi” who was one of Jacob’s sons. Isaac was the father of Jacob who was Abraham’s grandson. Abraham was therefore the great grandfather of Levi. Although, Levi was not yet born when Abraham met Melchizedek and paid tithe to him (Hebrew 7; 9-10), he became a recipient of the obedience.

Join us as we help you through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to break away from anything in your family lineage that can stand against your divine favor. If the blessing of obedience could affect “Levi” the great grand son of Abraham who was not yet born as at the time the tithe was given but because Abraham loved God and kept His commandment, he (Levi) enjoyed and benefited from it, so also can the act of disobedience of your father or forefather drastically affect you and your children if they broke God’s law and /or commandment. Hence, the NEED for corporate prayer and guidance.

The root cause of setback in your life must be broken for the blessings to flow and overflow.

Whatever you” DO”, DO NOT MISS this meeting every morning at 3:00 am and 9:00 am on Sundays on the same number.

Venue -: The prophetic place of prayer – 712-770-4147. Access code 976379#

What to do: Set your alarm and ask the Holy Spirit to wake you up at exactly 2:55 am to get ready.

Come with your full and undivided attention.

Come with your Bible, paper, pen or pencil.

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